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Welcome To Aimee's Tim Page!

I hope you enjoy this page done by a dedicated Tim fan.  I 
will no longer be updating this page as I go along.  If you
would like to see the page as it would have looked if I had
kept working on it go to "The Tim Curry Zone"

Aimee's Rocky Horror Page: My attempt at a page dedicated to my favorite Tim movie
The Tim Photo Gallery: The First Page Has Arrived!!! Unfortunately, the others are still in need of some work. Again, patience my friends!
Tim Sounds: Okay, here's something to tide you over until I finish the pics. Listen to Tim in all his glory from Clue and RHPS. Some files might take a while to load.
Tim Chat: Want to chat with other Tim fans?? Try this out. You must have Java however. I will keep a close monitor so if someone enters, you can talk to me if noone else.

Cool Tim links

Tim Curry Fans Mailing List Homepage: This page is for the dedicated Tim fan. If you would like to know more about our hero, just visit here and join our list. You'll be glad you did!!
The Dominion of Tim Curry: Lots of wonderful info about Mr. Curry. Be sure to check it out!!
Tim Curry Pictures: A few very good pics of Tim
Official Rocky Horror Picture Show Web Site!!!: Very good site for any and all RHPS fans!!!

You are lucky visitor number Hope you enjoyed your stay

Enjoy the Tim Curry
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